The Greenhouse Revolution: Josh Smith and His Advocacy for Healthier Food Choices

A study from researchers at the University of California discovered that by changing the glass roof panels in their greenhouses, they are able to grow crops and gather energy from the sun outdoors. The glasses are colored pink, which have the technology to get power from the sun and control the indoor temperature of the greenhouse. Since greenhouse still causes gas emissions that can affect the climate, this is a great discovery. The pink glass panels can possibly decrease greenhouse emissions. This technology is called Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic Systems. They work by reducing the green and blue light from the sun, and allowing mostly red light. The red light helps to increase the rate of photosynthesis for the plants in the greenhouse.

As greenhouses are improving in functionality and features, it is good to know that the greenhouse technology can also be used in our own homes. Modular Greenhouse founder and CEO Josh Smith is from Reno, Nevada. He started with the vision that people can harvest their own crops, in their own backyard or in small commercial spaces by making functional units of greenhouses. Being able to grow their own food, families can avoid processed and unhealthy choices for them and their children.

Climate change has been a global concern. All over the world, we can see concerted efforts of government and non-government authorities trying to address this change whether through technology or spreading awareness. One of the main consequences that climate change can bring about is scarcity of food resources. Some crops would need certain temperatures in order to grow. Josh Smith acknowledges this as his company, Modular Greenhouses, offers services to customize and build greenhouses for families, agricultural, and commercial businesses. People who are interested can contact them through their website, visit their headquarters in Reno, Nevada, or contact him on social media.

Josh Smith believes that the company is able to bring change by allowing people to have access to freshly grown plants, herbs and vegetables in their own homes. As their company in Reno, Nevada continues this mission, they hope to bring awareness that it is possible to make produce your own food as a part of healthy living.