Betsy DeVos: How She Helps Millions of Students

Since the early 1980’s, Betsy DeVos has been doing her best at helping children. She pioneered programs like the voucher program and charter schools. She took responsibility for making things better for students who were in impoverished situations and who didn’t have a chance to have a better life. She has always done what she can to make things better for all the students who she works for. It is part of what has made her an important part of the educational community and part of how she can make things better for people who are in the system. Despite having some issues with the outlook for education, Betsy DeVos has done everything she can to make the lives of students better than what they would have been on their own. Betsy DeVos has always done her best to help students which has made her an important player in their education.


Even when Betsy DeVos was trying different things in education and even when she was doing things to make education better, she still had battles to fight. She was fighting all the battles for students who didn’t have a chance and who wanted the ability to make their own lives better. It is what has made a difference for students. Many of them would not have the chances they do now if it weren’t for the work Betsy DeVos put into making their own lives better. It is also thanks to her that students are able to have successful lives.


One of the biggest battles Betsy DeVos has been fighting now is the problem with the overturning of the transgender bathroom laws. The laws were put in place to help students feel confident they could go to the restroom they identified with, but there were people who were not interested in the things they had to offer. They wanted students to suffer so they made sure the bill was overturned. Trump was behind this overturning issue. Betsy DeVos, on the other hand, has fought to help it become something that is put back into place again because she wants to protect children.


Even though Betsy DeVos has had some issues with other Republicans, she still feels it is part of her duty as the Secretary of Education to protect students who are in situations that are different from other people. In fact, she does what she can to give students the best opportunity possible. Without the opportunity to be treated as an equal person, students will never have the chance to truly thrive in the situation they are working in. It can help them make the right choices and, eventually, become functioning members of society who are able to perform better.


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