Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

The Achievements of CTRMA Under The Leadership of Mike Heligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is one of the most reputable public officials, in Texas. He has been serving the public for more nearly 4 decades now. First, he worked as a county council member of Round Rock before being appointed to serve as a commissioner for Williamson County.

During this time, he concentrated on infrastructure issues, giving his more than a decade of experience in this sector. His vast experience and his education background contributed a great deal in him being selected as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Under his leadership, CTRMA has grown from $0 to over $1.8 Billion.

Mike Heiligenstein is a great representation for CTRMA. In the year 2015, he was recorded responding to the Statesman who had talked about the state of traffic in Austin in such a way that he made CTRMA look bad.

According to the statesman, there were not enough technology solutions that had been developed in order to solve the state of traffic in that particular area. He also noted that the congestion problem was largely caused by drivers stopping on the roads, mostly due to minor breakdowns. He suggested that there be a response team to handle this issue and have traffic flowing immediately.

To these two points, Mike Heiligenstein responded noting the projects that the mobility authority had already completed and those that were still underway.

He talked of the MoPac Express Lanes. This should help with the issue of congestion, even if not in its entirety. At least, people will have a road to run to when other roads are congested during the rush hour. The MoPac Express Lanes will have a variable tolling, depending on the supply and demand.

Heiligenstein also talked about what CTRMA had done in order to reduce congestion caused by stopping drivers. He stated that they already had a technology to solve this.

Currently, they have an app that allows drivers to call for help if they are stranded on Texas roads. He also commented on the ingenuity on the part of CTRMA, to solve the congestion issue in the area. Thus, they patrol roads that are not even under their jurisdiction. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://communityimpact.com/topics/mike-heiligenstein/

While responding to comments by the statesman, Mike Heiligenstein maintained that they might not have all the solutions to traffic problems, but they have some and they are effective. He also emphasized that CTRMA is not a private company.

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