Squaw Valley Upper Mountain Water Quality Shows Improvement

On November 8th, trace amounts of E. Coli and coliform bacteria were discovered in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain drinking water supply. These findings were reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since the discovery, restaurants have been closed and skiers have not been allowed to drink water until the matter has been completely resolved. A recent statement released by Wesley Nicks, director of Placer County Environmental Health, highlights the improvement of water quality since the contaminants have been reported. Three out of the four wells currently show low levels of coliform bacteria and the E. Coli previously present have been completely eliminated. Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows released a statement on November 30th, explaining how the contaminants came to arrive in the water supply. Kenney explains how in October, an abnormally strong rain storm resulted in the inundation of the water systems installed at High Camp and Gold Coast. Kenney describes the contaminated wells to be only isolated incidents, with other water systems remaining untouched and perfectly safe. Kenney reassures the public, stating that at no point has the contaminated water been able to be used by the public. After the discovery of contaminants, Kenney explains the steps that Squaw Valley took to safeguard the public, highlighting their quick and efficient contacting of Placer County Environmental Health, Squaw Valley Public Service District as well as leader water safety experts. With the assistance of such groups and individuals, Squaw Valley hopes to return the quality of water back to previous, uncontaminated levels and reassures visitors that High Camp and Gold Coast will not return to regular water usage until they are assured that the water is safe. In the meantime, High Camp and Gold Coast guests will have full access to facilities as well as free bottled water for drinking.

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Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Fundamental Information About End Citizens United Team

Above mentioned is a committee launched on March 1, 2015. Their primary goal is to secure their campaign finance system from disastrous effects. I am delighted in finding the panel channeling their energy towards combating all acts of impudence by the affluent people who make attempts to buy elections. With such a committee, no doubt we will begin experiencing reformation as they compel the lawmakers to take action against such people. As goes their mission, they are set to rip to shreds the corrupt political system and re-elect reform-oriented champs.


Why the Enthusiastic Financial Reformists Need Support


We find them declaring that they support transparency and openness in public finances spending. They support Republicans who are committed to bringing significant reforms in their system and toppling Citizens United. Cartels engaging in dark money tend to attack real leaders, and this is a reason why Citizen United needs to end. I admire their zeal in fighting against such greedy personalities who are worth of billions. At the end of the day, the ordinary citizen needs someone to help them regain power.


Reason Why the Committee Teamed with Democrats in Their Fight Again Citizens United


Most Democrats have so much to offer in particular offices. Again, they are on the forefront of fighting against End Citizens United, and I realize that they are against uncontrolled spending. The decision made by the Supreme Court needs overturning as it is disastrous. The committee gets funded by grassroots activists who believe in their power to push for major reforms. Joining with Democrats was also a brilliant idea because most of them have robust platforms through which they get financial boosts.


End United Citizens PAC’s Impact in Pushing for Their Goals


The committee realizes that the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010 unbridled a tidal surge of dark money into the political arena. The said committee believes in reprimanding such, and so far they have more than 325,000 people who have signed the End United Citizens United’s appeal. We find the group strategizing on how to set up an independent expenditure arm, and they have an assured support of liberals. As much as the task is daunting and pretty demanding, their effect in setting a high bar is undeniable.




As it is, there is so much need to return financial power to an ordinary American. With an able leadership of veterans with liberal minds, it shall come to pass. We can attest to the vitality of pushing for rationality in spending of political funds. Whether their petition gets granted or not, the committee remains to be very vital especially in watching the Supreme Court as well as the financial system. At least they will exert pressure and deny any room for making poor decisions.


Norman Pattiz Adds Another Podcast To His Already Massive Network

Recently, Norman Pattiz made an announcement on behalf of his company, PodcastOne. As founder and Executive Chairman, he announced the arrival of a new podcast to his already large network, the country’s largest advertiser-supported podcast system.



Beyond the Darkness will be added to the already successful Chris Jericho podcast network, featuring entertaining and knowledgeable conversations with paranormal researchers and experiencers. Beyond the Darkness will challenge everything anyone knows about the paranormal, hosted by well-known Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. This new creepy, fun, and enlightening podcast will be aired each and every Monday on PodcastOne.com, iTunes, and the PodcastOne app.



Pattiz believes Beyond the Darkness will suit The Jericho Network perfectly, as he knew that Chris Jericho’s success would travel beyond wrestling. With Chris Jericho establishing himself as one of the precious jewels of the company’s network, Pattiz is excited to take his customers into the unknown world of the paranormal. Chris Jericho is also ecstatic about the prospect of the new show. With hosts Schrader and Dennis sitting at the top of the paranormal broadcasting world, they will bring with them a gigantic fanbase who fully support them and their subject matter. Combine that with the already massive audience of The Jericho Network and Beyond the Darkness is destined for success.



PodcastOne, founded by Norman Pattiz and the country’s largest podcast network company currently airs over 200 of the country’s most popular podcasts. These podcasts include hosts like Penn Jillette, Steve Austin, Adam Corolla, Dr. Drew, Shaquille O’Neal, and Laura Ingraham.



Norman Pattiz is not only the founder of PodcastOne, but also the creator of Courtside Entertainment Group and Westwood One, the country’s largest radio network. He has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and has been an avid supporter of the L.A. Lakers, being a regular season ticket holder for over 3 decades.



Pattiz is also a member at many other organizations, like the University Of California Board Of Regents. He was even appointed by both President Clinton and Bush to the board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. This board is in-charge of all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the country, including Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, and The Voice of America.



His expertise has expanded on an international level as well, founding Alhurra. This satellite TV channel is sponsored by the government and is run in 22 Middle Eastern countries. Norman Pattiz is also an avid donor to the Democratic Party and sits on the national board of the Israel Policy Forum.

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